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docker-compose example for ceph, kafka, postgres cluster

That is how it can be done:

docker simple starter

Build and run (on linux do not forget sudo):

Login into container

Pipeline view in shell

grep, zgrep, less and zless regexp examples

Grep all files with mask:

Grep all zipped files with mask:

Less all files with mask:

Grep all zipped files with mask:

Tail all files with mask:

Search for occurencies in directory with grep

git squash variants

If you just want to squash all commits into one. 1. The simplest way: If you have a message like ‘error: failed to push some refs to’, add —force to the last command.

Check ssl certificates on a host

If it says something like gethostbyname failure then try following. It needs socat, which can be installed on macOs like this — brew install socat. Then in one terminal open

and in another terminal:

Check availability and version of a package in Ubuntu


SLA — Service Level Agreement. It’s more law-related. It’s about contracts. SLI — Service Level Indicator. It’s some parameter that should be measured and which should be kept in some range. SLO — Service Level Objective. It says how often SLI could fail. Like SLI should be true for 99.9% of the time. Video from …

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What is a Service Mesh? Introductory article from NginX

The original is here — Another small introductory article on Istio you can find here. A service mesh is a configurable infrastructure layer for a microservices application. It makes communication between service instances flexible, reliable, and fast. The mesh provides service discovery, load balancing, encryption, authentication and authorization, support for the circuit breaker pattern, and other …

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