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Install go with gvm on MacOS Big Sur

I used to use gvm for this — https://github.com/moovweb/gvm. But initial installation of go from scratch does not work for Big Sur as 1.4 does not have a binary for this OS (this command fails — gvm install go1.4 -B). To use gvm, you can do this: 0. Install gvm — bash <

Use brew cask to install software on MacOS

That’s the way to automate your favorite apps installed on a new machine with one command and a config file. https://github.com/Homebrew/homebrew-cask. You can either install apps manually with a command like brew cask install goland or install all your apps by provided config. One downside is that it has a limited list of apps supported …

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Mac fan control

It is interesting to check mac’s CPU/GPU temperature and manage fan speed. You can do it with https://crystalidea.com/macs-fan-control/download

Install exact version via brew

For instance, we’re looking for kubernetes-helm@2.9 helm 2.9

Now we have needed version of helm. If you see an error message like Error: go: unknown version :mountain_lion, you should make a little hack (as it said here). Check all the files depending on

In each file just comment a string saying depends_on :macos …

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Setting zsh on you mac

This gist is great: https://gist.github.com/kevin-smets/8568070 I just added these line at the bottom:

List of embedded plugins: https://github.com/robbyrussell/oh-my-zsh/tree/master/plugins Custom plugins are installed here — ~/.oh-my-zsh/custom/plugins (actually, $ZSH_CUSTOM/plugins). Like this:

Spectacle for fullscreen apps on mac

It can make your app fullscreen and also manage your apps positioning. http://www.spectacleapp.com/ You could also try http://magnet.crowdcafe.com/ Now they suggest to use https://rectangleapp.com/ instead of spectacular.

How to setup mac time machine on synology nas

In russian, sorry. https://www.synology.com/ru-ru/knowledgebase/DSM/tutorial/Backup_Restore/How_to_back_up_files_from_Mac_to_Synology_NAS_with_Time_Machine

Запустить memcached в докере

Под мак.

https://hub.docker.com/_/memcached/ https://github.com/sameersbn/docker-memcached Вдогонку — как смотреть статистику в мемкэше.

https://blog.elijaa.org/2010/05/21/memcached-telnet-command-summary/ http://www.alphadevx.com/a/90-Accessing-Memcached-from-the-command-line

Dash для быстрого доступа к нужной документации

Это приложение для быстрого поиска по нужной документации. https://kapeli.com/dash

Проблема с git flow в PhpStorm под mac os

При попытке инициализировать репозиторий пишет ошибку и что нужно посмотреть в консоль. Для начала, конечно, нужно поставить git-flow

и перезапустить IDE. Далее при инициализации опять выдаёт ошибку, в консоли при этом

Нужно создать симлинк: