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BDD Framework For Golang

There is a good one: It prefers to use as a matcher.

Golang, PostgreSQL and array_agg

If you have SQL like this:

Postgresql: style guide for DataGrip

Place it into xml file and import into DataGrip or another jetbrains’ product

PostgreSQL: using indices on json fields

It’s obviously a really bad idea. But if you really need it, that’s what you can do.

Postgresql: show all locked queries

Smart Home systems

There are quite a lot of that systems: MajorDoMo OpenHab Iobroker Domoticz HomeAssistant The most interesting ones are: Iobroker (Node.js-based) HomeAssistant (based on Python 3)

Install exact version via brew

For instance, we’re looking for kubernetes-helm@2.9

Now we have needed version of helm. Links:

docker-compose example for ceph, kafka, postgres cluster

That is how it can be done:

Setting zsh on you mac

This gist is great: I just added these line at the bottom:

List of embedded plugins: Custom plugins are installed here — ~/.oh-my-zsh/custom/plugins (actually, $ZSH_CUSTOM/plugins). Like this:

CO2 sensor DIY

Article says how to make your own CO2 sensor with Arduino and visualize data with Grafana. It’s in Russian.