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Postgresql index naming convention

Use the table name as the prefix. Use the following suffixes: _pkey for a Primary Key constraint _key for a Unique constraint _excl for an Exclusion constraint _idx for any other kind of index _fkey for a Foreign key _check for a Check constraint Also implicitly mentioned here —

Heroes 3 on MacOS with M1 Apple Silicon

1. You need Parallels Desktop with M1 support — 2. Also you need an insider account on Microsoft web site to download win 11 for arm — 3. Then you need to download Win 11 for arm — 4. Download Heroes 3 Hota on the internet (many links are there). 5. Set …

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FreeCAD to generate gcode

You should switch Workbench to «Mesh Design», then select your shape in the left bar, and go to Menu→Meshes→Create Mesh from the shape. More details on parameters —

DMDE to recover HDD disks

MGTS(GPON)+Keenetic and external access to Synology

Adding a comment to an article about using Keenetic router behind an MGTS(gpon) receiver to make Synology services like DS Audio/Video/Photo and so on to be available via Quickconnect feature by Synology. First of all, enable KeenDNS like shown below And then enable it on Synology Control Panel like this: And now on any device …

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Useful links for proto generator development

Go study

A list of resources for learning golang

Set github actions for you repo

If you want to run tests/linters against you golang project, place something like the example below in .github/workflows/somename.yml to your project:

Good article on that —

Postgresql exercises

Basic querying — Joins — Data modification — Aggregations — That could be useful to refresh your memory. Not really up-to-date, but still pretty useful.

Mac OS — decrease pdf size via Preview app

To decrease the size of the .pdf filled with images, in Preview you can go to Export and set Quartz Filter→Reduce File Size before saving. If the images are too blurry for you, you can add your own profile. 1. Create a directory — /Library/Filters. 2. Add new filter file with unique filter — i.e. …

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