Smart Home systems

There are quite a lot of that systems: MajorDoMo OpenHab Iobroker Domoticz HomeAssistant The most interesting ones are: Iobroker (Node.js-based) HomeAssistant (based on Python 3)

Install exact version via brew

For instance, we’re looking for kubernetes-helm@2.9

Now we have needed version of helm. Links:

docker-compose example for ceph, kafka, postgres cluster

That is how it can be done:

Setting zsh on you mac

This gist is great: I just added these line at the bottom:

List of embedded plugins: Custom plugins are installed here — ~/.oh-my-zsh/custom/plugins (actually, $ZSH_CUSTOM/plugins). Like this:

CO2 sensor DIY

Article says how to make your own CO2 sensor with Arduino and visualize data with Grafana. It’s in Russian.

Spectacle for fullscreen apps on mac

It can make your app fullscreen and also manage your apps positioning. You could also try

Free video editor — Davinci Resolve

Online code editors — has go and js — has js

Online photo editor

Photoshop-like image editor

Turn off ads on MIUI

Turn off the following: 1. System application «Security»→coag sign→Receive recommendations 2. System application «Security»→Cleaner→Receive recommendations 3. System app «File manager»→ Settings→ About→Recommendations 4. System app «Downloads»→ three dots→ Settings→ Show recommended content 5. System app «Music»→ Settings→ Advanced Settings→Receive recommendations 6. System settings→ Additional settings→ Authorization & revocation→msa The same in Russian: