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Using tcpdump for k8s pods

You need wireshark to be installed on your local machine — download (more on this below). If you don’t have tcpdump installed inside the pod, you can install it with

Then, on your local machine:

If you want to see packets in grpc/http2, you can add a rule in Wireshark. For this, click …

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Use brew cask to install software on MacOS

That’s the way to automate your favorite apps installed on a new machine with one command and a config file. You can either install apps manually with a command like brew cask install goland or install all your apps by provided config. One downside is that it has a limited list of apps supported …

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Interesting alternative to grpc_cli It has REPL mode and CLI mode for e2e tests I think, it could be a good alternative to grpc_cli.

Debugging site in chrome from android device

Download platform tools from here — Run ADB with command

Configure your phone according to this article — (for my specific it is Connect your phone to the computer with USB cable. Follow instructions from here — When finished, stop ADB and turn off all the developer features on your …

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env-file parser for Goland

You can use env-file parser for running and debugging your app in Jetbrains’ products like Goland. It’s pretty simple and works.

Simple online editor for javascript

Just paste it into navigation bar:

It just outputs the result into console when you click run button. It’s simple and works. Because sometimes you just don’t need monsters like jsfiddle or jsbin.

PlantUML — плагин для Jetbrains IDEA для рисования UML диаграмм

PlantUML — плагин для Jetbrains IDEA для рисования UML диаграмм. У них есть сайт, хоть и странный — Сложные диаграммки рисовать очень неудобно, но простые делаются кодом навроде этого:

Диаграммы C4 model (c4model): Level 1: A System Context diagram provides a starting point, showing how the software system in scope fits into the world …

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collabedit для совместного редактирования кода

Удобно для проведения технического собеседования.

Инструмент для построения диаграмм

Сервис для постоения диаграмм —

Отдебажить и проинспектировать различную аналитику