Using tcpdump for k8s pods

You need wireshark to be installed on your local machine — download (more on this below).

If you don’t have tcpdump installed inside the pod, you can install it with

Then, on your local machine:

If you want to see packets in grpc/http2, you can add a rule in Wireshark. For this, click “Analyze” → “Decode As…”. Then, add TCP port X with HTTP2 protocol, where X is port of gRPC server (e.g. 3001).

You can also tell Wireshark where to find .proto files by setting the Protobuf Search Paths: Preferences → Protocols → Protobuf.

Then you can investigate locally. To filter by port, you can add this — tcp.port eq 3001.

Further reading: — how to install on Mac properly.

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