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mounterbank for mocking and stubbing http services (rest+graphql+grpc)

http://www.mbtest.org/docs/api/stubs can be used to stub http(s)/tcp/smtp protocols. And has community plugins for grpc, graphql, websockets. You can configure it with imposters.ejs like below:


Fixing docker does not want to update images

If you run docker pull, and you see an error like failed to register layer: Error processing tar file(exit status 2): fatal error: runtime: out of memory, there could be 2 reasons. Obvious one — not enough disk space for docker. You can fix it with

WARNING: It will remove your unused resources like …

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Create SQS queues on localstack container start

Put this file to your filesystem as ←anyname.sh→:

For instance, ./localstack_bootstrap/sqs_bootstrap.sh. Don’t forget to run chmod +x ./localstack_bootstrap/sqs_bootstrap.sh. Add this line to your docker-compose.yml: — ./localstack_bootstrap:/docker-entrypoint-initaws.d/. So it could look like this:

Then your queues can be reached by URLs http://localhost:4566/000000000000/queue1 and http://localhost:4566/000000000000/queue2. Further reading: https://docs.aws.amazon.com/cli/latest/reference/sqs/create-queue.html https://joerg-pfruender.github.io/software/docker/microservices/testing/2020/01/25/Localstack_in_Docker.html

Using tcpdump for k8s pods

You need wireshark to be installed on your local machine — download (more on this below). If you don’t have tcpdump installed inside the pod, you can install it with

Then, on your local machine:

If you want to see packets in grpc/http2, you can add a rule in Wireshark. For this, click …

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Datadog in a docker for integration tests and local dev

mmock for mocking microservices

It is a very easy to set up though pretty powerful tool with support for delays and handling query params. It also has a console for checking all the requests and corresponding responses matched. Here it is https://github.com/jmartin82/mmock. Below I describe a way to use it with docker-compose for local development.

XDebug inside a docker container

That’s how you can debug your php app running in a docker container.

Integration tests with testcontainers-go

Here is the go library that simplifies integration tests with docker containers — https://github.com/testcontainers/testcontainers-go. That’s how you can use it to test sql — https://github.com/testcontainers/testcontainers-go/blob/master/docs/examples/cockroachdb.md. Project documentation — https://golang.testcontainers.org/features/docker_compose/ The idea is to prepare the environment, build your app, then make requests and check the DB state.

Read logs from docker container

Postgres in docker: random «unique violation» errors

While running postgres in docker (for development, of course), from time to time I just run into errors like «Duplicate Key Value Violates Unique Constraint». I found the solution (thanks to this answer, for sure — https://stackoverflow.com/a/47089825/801426): if you have a table called «[table]», just do this