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DynamoDB videos list

AWS decided to start a series of videos on DynamoDB usage. First 5 episodes were published on Youtube, and I made a playlist for them: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLfgkuLYEOvGN95-dbdS_mT4bktQjkw2aT

Golang: testing http and grpc servers

HTTP server is quite easy to test — here is a nice video about it:

How to hide face with iMovie

If you want to edit a video on mac and want to hide some part of the scene, there’s one easy way I found to do it with iMovie. I didn’t find a way, I’ve found a video about that. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nSC_Rje68FI

Istio — platform for managing and connecting your microservices. Service mesh

https://istio.io/docs/concepts/what-is-istio/overview.html It’s flexible and modular service mesh made by Google, IBM and Lyft. It is a platform for managing your kubernetes system. It’s responsible traffic management, observability, policy enforcement, service identity and security. It provides features like service discovery, load balancing, A/B experiments, canary deployments, circuit breaking and health checks.

Douglas Crockford — The Good Parts (video)

Хоть и старое, но очень интересное видео (к тому же весёлое) от очень неглупого человека, «стандартизатора» JSON и создателя JSLint. Критический взгляд на javascript от 2009-го года.

Готовый бесплатный видеоплеер на html5


Popcorn.js — удобный и простой фреймворк для создания видеоплеера на HTML5

http://popcornjs.org/ — позволяет показывать видео и другой контент пользователю без использования flash. Есть большой каталог примеров: http://popcornjs.org/Demo/semantic-video, http://popcornjs.org/Demo/popcorn-remote