Webstorm deployment is not working on modern mac and IPv6

First of all, get all interfaces:

Possible solutions: 1. It’s working but you should do it after every login to your mac:

2. In webstorm: Help → Edit custom VM options

Help → Edit custom properties

You should also check what interfaces work for you.

Check availability and version of a package in Ubuntu


SLA — Service Level Agreement. It’s more law-related. It’s about contracts. SLI — Service Level Indicator. It’s some parameter that should be measured and which should be kept in some range. SLO — Service Level Objective. It says how often SLI could fail. Like SLI should be true for 99.9% of the time. Video from …

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Socks5 proxy for telegram

It’s the easiest one you can install on your VPS server. It’s a docker container. https://github.com/schors/tgdante2 You could use VPN for that but it will send all traffic through your VPN endpoint which is not fast. Socks5 proxy uses much less resources and this one is only applicable for telegram now.

React, redux and redux-thunk with typescript

I tried it and it looks strange, verbose and painful. But if you want to try it, please take a look at: https://github.com/piotrwitek/react-redux-typescript-guide https://levelup.gitconnected.com/react-and-redux-with-typescript-da0c37537a79 (together with https://github.com/JonJam/react-redux-ts/tree/68e8cca4a6e6214b4acb030cf3fdb3321b636085/src)

List of resources to prepare for the interview

Mock Interviews interviewing.io (beta), Free Pramp, Free CareerCup, Paid Algorithms Cracking the Code Interview, Book byte by byte, Website and YouTube CS50, YouTube Interview Cake, Website HackerRank, Website LeetCode, Website Operating Systems Operating System Concepts, Book Architecture Design Intro to Architecture and Systems, YouTube Behavioural Intro to Behavioural Interviews, YouTube   Original article with explanations: https://medium.freecodecamp.org/software-engineering-interviews-744380f4f2af

What is a Service Mesh? Introductory article from NginX

The original is here — https://www.nginx.com/blog/what-is-a-service-mesh/ Another small introductory article on Istio you can find here. A service mesh is a configurable infrastructure layer for a microservices application. It makes communication between service instances flexible, reliable, and fast. The mesh provides service discovery, load balancing, encryption, authentication and authorization, support for the circuit breaker pattern, and other …

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Istio — platform for managing and connecting your microservices. Service mesh

https://istio.io/docs/concepts/what-is-istio/overview.html It’s flexible and modular service mesh made by Google, IBM and Lyft. It is a platform for managing your kubernetes system. It’s responsible traffic management, observability, policy enforcement, service identity and security. It provides features like service discovery, load balancing, A/B experiments, canary deployments, circuit breaking and health checks.

Kubectl helpful commands

Scale (up/down) pods:

More commands here — https://kubernetes.io/docs/reference/kubectl/overview/

Using npm registry from corporate network

In a company we have some kind of proxy that does not allow to install npm packages via npm or yarn. You can get rid of this problem using this addition to yarn add:

Or you can also replace global property with