Nice list of image resizer libs in go

With speedtests and other nice things. I tried these two: They are quite the same talking about file sizes and imaging is muuch easier to use.

Simple way to detect browser’s FPS via JS

It’s dumb and dead simple but works. You can even track browser’s metrics with that.

Mocking for testing go code

If you’re testing go code and have a huge API you have to mock, you have two options: make your dummy struct with embedded interface and implement only methods you need, or use your own interface that has only methods you need (and change your code to use that). For instance, I had amazon’s s3 …

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BDD Framework For Golang

There is a good one: It prefers to use as a matcher.

Golang, PostgreSQL and array_agg

If you have SQL like this:

Postgresql: style guide for DataGrip

Place it into xml file and import into DataGrip or another jetbrains’ product

PostgreSQL: using indices on json fields

It’s obviously a really bad idea. But if you really need it, that’s what you can do.

Postgresql: show all locked queries

Smart Home systems

There are quite a lot of that systems: MajorDoMo OpenHab Iobroker Domoticz HomeAssistant The most interesting ones are: Iobroker (Node.js-based) HomeAssistant (based on Python 3)

Install exact version via brew

For instance, we’re looking for kubernetes-helm@2.9

Now we have needed version of helm. Links: