How to install Outline VPN on a random VPS server

In Ountline Manager, when you add a new server, select an option called «Set up Outline everywhere».

It will show the following shell script for you.

I suggest logging in to your server via ssh, then run sudo su, and execute it.
In case of a problem, you could try solving it yourself by reading the script from the given url.
In my case, it did not want to start docker, so I did it manually.
After that everything worked like a charm.
It generated a small JSON which you need to paste into the form in Outline Manager.

It could complain about ports being closed by your server’s firewall.

I needed to open 2 ports:
21367 and 30564 (I’m pretty sure those are pseudo-random).
For that, on my CentOS, I was doing the following:
Check that the port is served by some service (lsof -i -P |grep 21367).
Check that it is not allowed by the firewall (iptables-save | grep 21367 should have an empty output).
Edit the config file (vi /etc/services) by adding a string outline 21367/tcp # Outline.
Add it to firewall rules with firewall-cmd --zone=public --add-port=21367/tcp --permanent.
And apply with firewall-cmd --reload.
Repeat the same for another port.

Here is more detailed explanation on CentOs firewall —

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