Container insights for golang engineer (k8s docker CPU throttling)

We’ve run into problems on my work when k8s limits cpu to few processors (throttling), while go application can see all of them (setting GO_MAX_PROCS to maximum CPUs available) and go’s scheduler is going crazy because of that during highload (like stress-tests).
It is caused by scheduling for, let’s say, 40 processors while you have cpu time for only 2 of them.
It leads to gaps in cpu utilization by your application, when 2 cpu limit is scheduled for all 40 cpus for a little amount of time.
That’s what I’m talking about
That’s because in k8s you don’t actually have 2 real CPUs out of 40 dedicated to your app, but 2/40 of total processing time.
So if we have time quant of 100ms, first 5ms we use all 40 CPUs, and remaining 95ms application is waiting for CPU.
And we see a lot of timeouts in logs.

It’s a great talk on that in russian about that and related stuff.

More on pprof — /2019/04/how-to-analyze-the-performance-of-your-go-application-in-production/

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