Daily Archives: 25.04.2020

Ubuntu — play games with joystick

I have Linux Mint, but it should fit any Ubuntu-based distributive.

«Awesome go» resources

A list of good resources for each go specific part — https://github.com/avelino/awesome-go. A list of good tools for go performance or just fast libs — https://github.com/cristaloleg/awesome-go-perf Security lists — https://github.com/guardrailsio/awesome-golang-security, https://github.com/Binject/awesome-go-security

Copy events from one calendar to another

If your employer does not let you import your work google calendar, you can do it manually all the time or try to automate it. I tried zappier for automation for a couple of weeks now. Works nice. https://zapier.com/apps/google-calendar/tutorials/automatically-copy-events-from-one-google-calendar-to-another https://zapier.com/blog/updates/703/google-calendar-integrations