How to install linux mint on hp

I’ve run into a problem — had a lot of error logging saying «PCIe Bus Error: severity=Corrected, type=Physical Layer», «AER Corrected error received», and similar.
The problem is that it fills all the log space and the installation process cannot finish.
You can run into it on HP laptops on monoblocks.

What you can do.

1. On a boot screen asking of what you want to do with your bootable USB drive, select «Compatibility mode», then press «e» which lets you alter boot command.
There you should add to a line starting with «linux …» following parameter: «pci=noaer».
Then press F10.
And you can start the installation process.
2. When you finished this, you need to boot into your brand new linux system, open terminal and run

Then find the line with «GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT» and add the following inside the quotes: » pci=noaer».
Then update grub with

3. There could be a problem as this process takes a while and at this time you still have problems with logging all the time.
The process can freeze.
Then you need to boot again with your bootable USB stick.
Then mount the drive you want with the following command

Then execute the same instructions described in paragraph 2, but while booting from your usb stick (but for now /etc/... should be prefixed with /mnt).
4. If you see a login screen, but fail to start linux, probably you have too many logs.
(if you try startx manually, it could log something similar to Could not write pid to lock file)
Please do this

Then Ctrl+Alt+F7.
If it’s still not working, try to reboot.
It should work then.

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