Setup local Athens for proper go mod

There is a project called Athens for proxying all your go mod downloads.

How to use it locally.

1. Create the following files and directories:
a. /Users/d.bolgov/.ssh-athens/storage — empty directory to cache go modules
b. /Users/d.bolgov/.ssh-athens/.netrc — if you prefer using .netrc

c. /Users/d.bolgov/.ssh-athens/gitconfig/.gitconfig — if you want to substitue some urls.
I personally left it empty, but you can do something like that:

d. /Users/d.bolgov/.ssh-athens/ssh-keys should have a copy of your ~/.ssh directory

2. Run Athens in docker like that:

3. In the Dockerfile of your project (or you can do similar in your ~/.zshrc), for mac os:

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