How to split disk pool on synology nas

I have a Synology NAS DS 218+.
When I bought it, I decided to make a RAID1 pool from two disks.
But after time passed, I realized that I don’t have enough space to store all files.
And I decided to make two separate disks instead of one RAID1. RAID0 is worse for me comparing to two simple disks as I don’t need high speed and at the same time, if one disk fails, data on another disk will stay untouched in case of separate disks configuration.
Googling didn’t help me to understand how it can be done.
So I decided to do the following (it’s not an exact one as I did it only once and write this based on my memory which is not ideal).

Move from RAID1 pool to 2 basic disc pools without losing data

This is how I did it. I DO NOT encourage you to do this. Don’t blame me if something goes wrong. And good luck :)
0. Backup all your data to an external drive.
1. Storage Manager→Storage Pool→Select a drive you like less→Action→Degrade→Action→Erase
2. Storage Manager→Storage Pool→Create (select Higher Flexibility and RAID type «Basic»)
3. Storage Manager→Volume→Create
Now you have two pools and several volumes (depends on how you splitted your drive in the previous step).
4. Control Panel→Shared Folders→For every folder click right button→Edit→General→Location→Select a volume on your new drive.
5. Storage Manager→Storage Pool→Select remaining disk (should be empty by that tiem)→Remove. (During this process, all packages will be removed)
6. Storage Manager→Storage Pool→Create (select Higher Flexibility and RAID type «Basic»)
7. Storage Manager→Volume→Create
8. Profit.

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