BackBeat Pro not charging. Fix

Once I’ve run into a problem with my lovely Plantronics BackBeat Pro.
It decided not to charge with any given cable or power source. It just didn’t react on plugged in a cable, while blinking with red lamp saying that it needs to be charged.
After googling and dancing around it, I’ve found a solution: you need to reset the charging system by doing the following.
Press play/pause button and while holding it plug-in your charging cable.

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35 Responses so far.

  1. mullet:
    Thanks! My headset was saved by this advice.
  2. noname:

    Mate You just saved my working day !

    Thanks a lot !

  3. Peter:
    Saved my headset too! Strange there’s no mention of this in the manual.

    Thank you!

  4. Maicon:
    Man you need to know… you saved my life.

    thanks a lot!!!

  5. Scott:
    Problem fixed !! Love your work. Cheers
  6. Marlyn:
    Thank You!! I thought the headset was done and had to look for a replacement. Thanks for sharing!!!
  7. randulphe:
    not all heroes wear capes, thank you
  8. Broken12Bat:
    This has just made my day, you are a lifesaver, much appreciated!
  9. Marnu:
    You have saved my life good sir. Thank you
  10. Ignacio:
    Thanks man! I abandoned the headset for some time until I found this thread!
    Pretty awesome trick!
  11. Mike:
    Add one more thank you to the list…don’t know how you figured this out, but it worked great to fix my headset which was just blinking red when plugged in and never taking a charge.
  12. SKS:
    You are a freaking legend! Thank you!
  13. Che:
    Thank you, It worked, thank you
    thank you
    thank you.
  14. Zell:
    Yoooo! I just stumbled upon this while on vacation. Saved me from having to buy a new pair of cans!
  15. Adam:
    Saved my backbeat pro 2! Thanks a bunch :)
  16. BackBeater:
    Saved my headset that had been packed away for a while. Huge win, thanks!
  17. Anonymous thank you:
    Thanks so much. Google brought me here and you fixed my headset.
  18. Aggelos:
    Thanks you Bullgare !
    Saved my headset too!
  19. Seb:
    Wow! I was already looking for how much a replacement was, you just saved me $300+. Awesome fix, thanks!!
  20. Mr sha:
    Maaannn you saved me.. thank you so much
  21. JP:
    Another thank you—almost gave up but this worked for me as well
  22. Virtual Local Numbers:
    ))))))))))))))))))) it is matchless ;)
  23. Sam:
    Thank you so much for this, really appreciate it! :) Wouldn’t have figured out that one my own.
  24. Tmug:
    Thank you so much! Saved my backbeat pro 2 headset! Thought the battery was dead but I was Lucky to find this thread after months it not working.