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Go memory hints

Below hints are related to very hot places of CPU/memory bound programs. And in regular (i/o bound) programs do not make much sense. Stack vs heap Go’s compiler goal is to allocate on the stack as much as possible. As it will reduce the amount of data that needs to be cleaned by the Garbage …

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Set github actions for you repo

If you want to run tests/linters against you golang project, place something like the example below in .github/workflows/somename.yml to your project:

Good article on that — https://github.com/mvdan/github-actions-golang

Example of using embed in go

Nice article on using go templates with embed introduced in go1.16: https://philipptanlak.com/web-frontends-in-go/. That’s the code:

Go internals

Channels https://youtu.be/KBZlN0izeiY Go scheduler https://youtu.be/YHRO5WQGh0k